“You are the one, O LORD our God! Only you can do such things [like send us rain]. So we will wait for You to help us.” — Jeremiah 14:22

There was a great drought,  no rain in the land,  the ground was cracked, the farmers couldn’t farm, the animals were dying, the people were idolatrous, they were more interested in Baalim than God,   There was no truth in their lives,  They loved to wander.

These were the conditions that the prophet  Jeremiah was dealing with as he declared the nation to turn back to holiness in their lives.

How sad it reads that a nation called by God could be in such a state,

And yet, as we look deeper, spiritually; as God develops us towards a life of holiness unto Himself, we get a snapshot of our own souls and the condition of our own hearts in relation to our relationship with God.

There are four seasons that guide our calendars yearly. We have the Fall, when leaves begin to fall, revealing a shedding and a bareness of the trees. They begin to take on the appearance of a dying tree.

Next comes the Autumn when the winds and temperatures begin to blanket the land in preparation for Winter, when all of nature appears coldly asleep and dormant, when the days become gloomy, cold, and wet.

Then, when we can’t stand it anymore, in comes the Spring when new life appears, flowers, trees, grasslands, all that God has created rejoicing in perfect harmony, just as He planned it.

It’s a wonder what it would be like if all the plants, trees, winds, rain all decided not to cooperate with their place in God’s perfect plan as He maintains His creation day by day.

And yet, unlike God’s creation of the ‘laws of the land’, we as a center point of His creation, we who were “made for His pleasure” choose to disobey God’s perfect order.  We run daily to our own individual ‘Balaam’s”, we become more interested in meeting the daily delights in satisfying our fleshly desires.  We become alarmed when truth is no longer found in the center of our hearts, in our choices, and decisions.

Our impelling desire to want to wander and explore new churches, new ideologies, all along distancing ourselves from our first  love, and then suddenly we discover that Jesus is no longer inside, helping, guiding, instructing, correcting, walking with us.

We see the evidence as we live dried up, cracked lives, with no longer the ‘living water’ that at one time continually refreshed and renewed us continually. And sadly, we look at ourselves in the way a farmer looks at his orchards in search for the fruit of the harvest, and we see no fruit.  Even worse, we see that we are no longer attached to the branches any longer.  We have become ‘withered branches’ no longer useful except for throwing into a fire.

“You are the one, O LORD our God! Only you can do such things [like send us rain]. So we will wait for You to help us.” — Jeremiah 14:22

And yet, there is always hope if we return to Him, and call out His Name, He will assuredly come and rescue you, and help you.  “He will ‘restore what the cankerworm has eaten away.”

” God is faithful and reliable, if we confess our sins, he forgives them and cleanses us from everything we’ve done wrong”.  1 John 1:9

1. God is able to give peace in the midst of the war.

2. God is able to give peace in the midst of a famine.

3. God is able to give peace in the midst of disease.

How about you? sincerely, where do you see yourself?  In the midst of a war?  In the midst of a famine?  Maybe in the midst of a disease. Whatever, and wherever you are, God will give you and restore the one most important need, peace in knowing that He has never left you, He is ready to come to you if you’re ready and serious about doing whatever brought you into a war, famine, disease with Him.

I believe that the church is in need of restoration.  I believe we have and are wandering in our hearts in our devotion and dedication to a loving God.  It is not the desire of God that we be found spiritually in these conditions.   Isaiah wrote through the Holy Spirit that “If we be willing and obedient, we shall eat the good of the land, but if we refuse and rebel,  we shall be devoured by the sword.”

There is a great work yet to be done for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, and everyone who calls Him Lord has his or her part in the work of His Kingdom.  If we are serving other god’s, we are living divided lives. Jesus said that ““No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.”

God forbid that we find ourselves in this place, and worse, knowing we are in these conditions and doing nothing about it.  Ask God right now, confess your sin to Him, ask Him to restore and renew you, and give you a brand new heart.  The difference in your life will return immediately because He loves you and wants you near Him.

“You are the one, O LORD our God! Only you can do such things [like send us rain]. So we will wait for You to help us.” — Jeremiah 14:22

Here’s Today’s Video~   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SBLyQ8slw8

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