Let us pray for you… Write in your prayer requests in the comments… We would love to join with you in prayer.

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  1. My 3 year old son Joel aka Juju has the flu with a high temps. Also for his speech delay…thank you Marty. Love you bro.

  2. Thank you for praying. Juju is doing much better. Please continue to pray for his speech…that the Lord would loose his tongue. He has a calling on his life.

    1. I have, and will. Lord, what a beautiful God You are, that You would even consider our humble prayers of help to You. Who are we, that we should even be able to enter into Your presence. How awesome God that in the middle of all that You sustain, that You have not forgotten us. God, thank You for little ‘Juju’ and his precious life. As his father has recognized, You God have placed a very special call on his life. Especially in the gifting of speaking forth a heavenly language. Lord, enable John and his bride with the supernatural ability to discern what Juju is saying, and enable them to worship You in holiness over this, and over all You have planned for them. We trust You God, and acknowledge that all Your plans are perfect, and so we trust that this plan for Juju is no less perfect. You never change. Thank You God for all You’re doing and going to do in this family, and bless Your Name always! In Jesus Name, Amen.

      “Little children, love one another.”

  3. Hi Marty…I’m really struggling with a situation I’m in. I find myself doubting that I even heard the Lord’s voice about something He had promised me and just want the Lord’s will either way you know. I feel like my life in this area is just one huge mess and am just praying for everyone involved…that they too will seek God’s will and be obediant to His voice. =/ I feel lost and unsure of what to do. Thank you!

    1. God, in Jesus Name, I bring Amanda’s concerns in her life that as she relinquishes them all to You, that You take authority over each one. Your Word assures us that You will, “perfect those things that concern us” . God she needs Your perfect help; that she be walking, and meditating on the victory over the things she doesn’t understand and especially those she cannot figure out, knowing this, that You are sitting upon the throne of Glory, that you are watching her, praying for her, that You will meet her in the very midst of all these things, picking up the pieces and putting them perfectly back together as You have always seen it.
      Cover her mind by Your blood, and become a shield to her against anything that would endanger her.
      In Jesus Name, Amen.

      “Little children, love one another”

      1. aww thank you Marty!!! I really appreciate it!!! God bless you!!! Keeping you and Patty in my prayers!!

  4. Pray for marriages of two Christian couples I know. Major attacks trying to destroy these two families. Please join in interceding for them.

    1. Lord, in Your Word, You said that “a man shall cleave to his wife” Marriage is an institution You have sanctified, something we should cherish and honor because You did it. And yet Lord, here these two couples who are struggling with their marriages. God, in Jesus Name, we call upon Your greatness, and Your desire that we do what is right before Your eyes; God would You intercede in this, make Yourself relevant and meaningful to these couples, and remember their vow of commitment made before You and ask You to help them to keep together, don’t give up. In Jesus Name, Amen.

      Thank you Tom, for this request; please keep this site posted on any changes. We are anticipating God to move on our behalf.


  5. Hi Marty, I sprained my right ankle yesterday. it really hurts. But thank God it’s not swelling, nor bad bruise. I cannot put stress on my right foot. thank you for this prayer corner. i love it. Jim and I are praying for you and your bride.

    1. Hi Silkie,
      Thank you for your prayers!
      Let me pray for you right now: Lord, You are abundantly rich in mercy and grace and You are able to do anything, nothing is impossible for You. We praise You for all who You are and all You have done in our lives. I pray for Silkie, for her ankle. God in the Name of Jesus, would You bring relief, reduce the swelling and bring a complete healing to her. Give her wisdom on treatment and care. For Jim and Silkie, continue to open up new horizons in their marriage, and cause it to be fruitful in every good way. For Jim’s father, thank You God for Your grace upon his life. Keep him safe and protected, healthy. Thank You God for Your provision financially, help Jim and Silkie to have vision with rejoicing in their hearts at all You have in store for them. Bless them God, in Jesus Name, Amen.
      ‘Little children, love one another’

  6. Hi bro. Marty, thank you for your prayer. I know that our Almighty granted. Ps. 66:20
    i still ponder upon the passage i was maditating upon. it is Num 9:8…i want to wait what the LORD will command concerning me…
    May our God heal you, use you, and continually give you joy for His service.
    Serving Jesus with you, Silkie

  7. Marty, I have been following your blog every time I go to the library. I continue to pray for you and for Patty. May the grace of God always be with you. Your report on Oklahoma was especially insightful. I also am praying for Tony, the doctor you met, and all the others who are at the place you get your cancer treatment. May God have mercy on all. Love you so much, my precious brother. Ami

  8. My wife Rocio caught a virus. She has been coughing for the past 3 weeks. She has gone through all kinds of treatments and meds. Thanks

  9. please pray that the LORD will restore my fertility and bless me with his favor and grace ,may this child whom lives in my heart be brought forth in my womb ,and be healthy strong and blessed with long life . please pray also for all my children to be blessed with HIS great favor and protection and may my family always knowHIS PEACE THANK YOU

  10. I am going through various trials and physical pain. I know it is His will for me to strengthen me and draw me closer. Pray all that hinders me, all self and pride I will lay at His feet, place on the alter. I want to be real, have His heart for mine, have His mind for mine. His humility in me, so I may fully and totally be used however He chooses. This pain, these trails that come show me how very much He loves me and desires me, weak and worthless as I am. Please pray His will be done and my will is surrendered.

  11. In spite of my trials, the Lord continues to bless me. There are continuous problems with my body, but I look to HIM for all my strength daily. I would love to be rid of even some of the problems, but it is as the LORD wills. Thank you.

  12. I have impotency in my body. But I want to marry. My age is 33. I am male. I Want good habits, nice talkative, nice thinking and nice listening manners. Please pray for me. If God wants me to marry than I don’t want to be single.

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