“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22)

Good day Facebook friends on day 16 of ‘Shelter in Place ‘ here in the Bay Area, with a shout out and thank you to Frank Vaccariello for posting this outstanding well superbly edited video in response to the ‘Shelter In Place’ mandates in our state (California) due to the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Praying today that God give you a willingness to obey the laws in place over this dreadful virus and that soon we will enjoy our lives outside once again. We continue to pray for all the families affected and especially those who have lost loved ones.

My encouragement for us today is to not feel like you have to maintain a consistent serious outlook about what we’re going through with this virus. I believe that God gave us the capacity to love a good laugh, in fact it’s good for the soul!
God loves a good laugh! It’s God who says to us, “a joyful heart is good medicine”
We would all be healthier and happier if we had more good, clean, laughs.

I’m not a big fan of much television watching but I remember seeing a few of the shows called, ‘Mash’ a story about being in the battlefield from a medical point of view.

I have sincerely believed for a long time that whatever issue life puts in front of us that the Bible has a solution, because God’s Word is trustworthy and reliable.

Anyhow, I ran across this well crafted parody similar to what most of us all going through during these times of staying at home and keeping the spread of the Corona virus from going ballistic! I’m hoping maybe it will bring you a chuckle. My prayer for us today is that we would continually see His presence in our lives everywhere our feet lead us, and that we would be conduits of His love, and though we have been asked to keep our distance, we can give a smile here and there and be sowers of the joy of the Lord.

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  1. Thanks, Marty.  So good to hear from you.  My house and I are sheltered and praying.  We only go out for groceries, gas, or emergencies, and Linda and I go for walks and pray our way thru our neighborhood.   It will be over when God says it is over.  Until then, we will obey unless God says different. Luv you both so much!  Ami

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