“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1 

I believe that everything that exists were foreordained by God, and He has determined how long it will be.   There was a determined time for the universe and for everything in it. Nothing we see with the naked eye ever existed form Everlasting, or if itself, we are all here by the wisdom and power of God.  In the Beginning He created, and with it the duration and the end of all things He made, they will not always continue,  but have an end which when it will be, only God knows.

There is an appropriate time for everything,  the pleasant and unpleasant experiences in our live.   The picture is that it is God who sends these experiences that we might know and experience personally and firsthand the goodness, kindness, and comfort of God.

There are some people who pass by this book because it seems to be a book of gloom and pessimism on the author’s limited view  on the things under the sun.  The fact is that not one of us is going to escape the hurt’s and sorrow of this life.  God chose them for us.

There will be times when we should change our jobs, get married, have children, there will be times when we will lose things, people, to make way for the new things and new people God will send for us.  All of this is part of God’s wonderful plan for your life!   The problem of course is that these are not the plans we have for our lives.

If I was given the the right to plan my own life, I can guarantee you there would be no chemotherapy in it.  In fact, I would plan nothing unpleasant at all.  The reality is that God is the one who formed us, who created us in His image,  He is the Potter, we are the what?  We are the clay.  He has every right to bring into our lives all things in all seasons for what He deems purposeful in developing us to be like Him.   If we were given the right to plan our own lives, our end would be ruin.  I would be the most selfish, shallow, person you would ever meet!    If we were in charge, would become like Jesus?

I know several people who are going through seasons or times where things aren’t where they would like them to be. And some of those people are so courageous and brave in facing the unpleasantness and afflictions that God sent to them.  I was in the doctor’s office today for one of my two ‘office’ visits where they go over the charts of how I’m dealing with the chemotherapy treatment.  As I was asking her questions, Kristen, was asking me questions.   As she listened to me, I presented my observation on what these eight chemo-pills tasted and felt like.  She looked intently at me as I summed up my description of them as “poison”.  She looked at me and said that “I needed to change my viewpoint of the pills. Yes, are awful, but….they have a purpose. They are doing a nasty job, that I would have never myself planned out. ”   Of course I agreed with her, and I believe the Lord used her to remind me that “He sent this season”  As this book is series of contrasts, so will what I’m going through will be.  There is going to be good coming. For now, be steady, and know that God is doing a great work in all the unpleasantness of this.

How about you?  What season do you find yourself in?   Are you “kicking against the goads” of all God has sent you.  Or are you willing to see that God has purposed it for your good.   I always liked what Jesus said and has always stuck to my heart when the seasons change: “‘I have spoken these things to you so that you might have peace in Me, In the world you shall have tribulation, Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!”

When I go with the season,  I have peace in Jesus, and whatever the season, especially in the unpleasant one, I am reminded, Marty, be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!.


Here’s Today’s Video,  Have Peace in your season!

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  1. You are truly brave my husband… I know how scary and awful this is for you , but I love how the Lord continues to sjine through you. The Lord told Joshua to be strong and of good courage…for the Lord your God is with you whereever you go… I love you@

    1. thank you, it was inspired, I really loved to put in the song at the end; it has always been a favorite of mine by that band. Can you get me simple chords to “Great is Your Faithfulness O God” and One Sweet Day?

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