“Be still and know that I am God,” 
(Psalm 46:10)

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2002 Men’s Conference- Calvary Chapel Southbay

“Through the difficult times of ministry, the home and family, it was right here behind me of this stage I heard the LORD like I’ve never heard Him before. He said, ‘Steven I want you to stand still,
I want you to stand still and see My salvation… you’re running around and being busy, but I want you to stand still, I’ve been trying for thirty years to get you to stand still, because I wanna show you something…. 
I don’t want to show you your insecurities or your fears, I wanna show you…

My salvation, that thirty years ago I took you out of the pit, and again you need to come out of the pit.
I’m the only One who can make sense of your life and your heart.”

(Pastor Steve Mays)
2002 Pastors Conference

I just happened by “accident” to find this CD from the Pastors Conference at Calvary Chapel South Bay and I came across my Pastor’s exhortation about brokenness that God used to grab my heart.
God has been asking me to be still, not to get ahead of Him and I struggle with that. These are a few observations made after listening to a 5 CD set of speakers at the Pastor’s Conference. If you’re like me, you’ve gone to a lot of Bible Conferences and received CDS for most of them. Sadly, they almost never got listened to. Until that is until 15 years have gone by. I encourage you, if you’ve got some of these in a box in your garage, take another hearing of them, they might speak to your heart as this one did for me!

Sometimes when it’s all said and done after listening to studies that it becomes the reading and writing of words that stand out over our times of our lives. God’s Word stands the test of time, and a powerful exhortation built on solid teaching is the piercing instrument God uses to do a deep work in a man’s life.

Words that meant something and motivated us in the past that God used to help us take tremendous leaps of faith to follow Him. Faith that must be tested.

And when that faith is tested, we discover maybe we weren’t all we thought we were. 
Oh sure, we had a greater knowledge of and about God and even experienced His nature in loving and accepting us when no one else did, and teaching us to love the way He loves us.

When our faith was later tested and the results weren’t as good as we thought, revealing just how insecure and stubborn and hardheaded we really are, God was there loving us unconditionally.

God showed us the problem, what went wrong and we saw that we were still harboring bitterness, resentment because we were hurt that things hadn’t yet happened the way we had planned. 
And God was there, whispering like He did to Pastor Steve, “ Marty, be still while I finish preparing you for what I have called you to.

And yet, through the drought seasons , 
in the barren valley, land of bones, I have walked with you, and carried you, loving you. In the season of cancer, I was with you and brought you through it and I loved you. And in the brokenness, I was with you and never forsaked you, to show you the best place, next to Me.

Thank You God for Your faithfulness to me especially when I felt I never deserved it, thank You for Your grace.
Thank You God! when we are able to reflect on great events in our lives and we can take a second look at just what God spoke through great men of God, looking at It freshly and willing To see the view to the Cross more clearly where you poured out Your life that I might live forever.

Thank you for the lessons under Pastor Steve, lessons designed by You to keep me humble before You, that through my testimony, others would see and entrust their lives onto You.

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